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35. Bulbasaur Flowerpot (Succulent Monsters)
x7r found them! :) you can buy these from here or there is a 3D print version


35. Bulbasaur Flowerpot (Succulent Monsters)

x7r found them! :) you can buy these from here or there is a 3D print version

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if you live with a cat, you have had this conversation. 

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you ever notice how in women’s razor commercials the models’ legs are already completely hairless before they “shave” them

like we can’t even handle showing body hair in a commercial about how to get rid of body hair



i want to travel the world but i also want to stay home in bed

And this is why Bilbo Baggins speaks to my soul.

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Me: Joins tumblr for fun

Me: starts to critically analyze almost every aspect of modern society 

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Literally I Cant Ew

i will watch this until my eyes bleed

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Just- ok I’m serious watch this right now trust me.

dude seriously you have to watch this


where the fuck is the bartender

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world cup is so good this year you guys

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i can’t stop laughing he’s like what no climb

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"It’s lovely that Robin Thicke thinks his marriage is worth saving, but this is not the way to go about it. This entire album, the track names, the hashtag; if this is in fact a sincere effort to “get her back” it’s basically a how-to on abuser dynamics. Rather than allowing Patton the time and space to decide whether or not to reconcile in private, with this album, Thicke has effectively enlisted the public to get on his side and pressure her into going back to him, and make her the villain if she refuses. “Oh, but he wrote a whole album about her! He’s really sorry!” All while he rakes in the cash, and she loses her resolve to stay away from a man who cheated on her, publicly embarrassed her and ruined a decades long relationship." 

BattyMamzelle: Let’s Talk About Robin Thicke’s Manipulative Ploy To “Get Her Back”  (via afrometaphysics)

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